Let’s Eat French Food! Mangeons Des Galettes!

So French people eat snails and cheese right? Wrong! (or maybe right, but we made something else). This week everything revolved around galettes: delicious, gluten-free, vegan and incredibly easy pancakes (seriously, look at the recipe below!). To the untrained eye they look a lot like crêpes, but they are more savoury and thus a perfect... Continue Reading →


Let’s Eat Chinese!

I've been to the workshop countless times and it has always been a great experience. This time I had been craving Chinese-inspired food and my prayers were listened with the Chinese theme for the workshop! That's why I was understandably excited about this workshop and I was not disappointed. We made the tastiest crispy tofu... Continue Reading →

Let’s Eat More Italian!

I found this workshop really nice, not only because I have (as well as many people I guess) like Italian food very much, but for it was actually the last time I could be part of it. After almost one semester of full attendance, I was very happy to meet the other participants to enjoy... Continue Reading →

Let’s Eat Scottish food!

How could traditional Scottish, meat filled dishes such as haggis be made vegan? Check out the deliciousness of the dishes we made. Once again, really anything can be made into a tasty vegan dish!

Let’s Eat Persian!

Mainly driven by curiosity I decided to join for the first time the ”let’s eat veggies” workshop with Persian food as theme. I was curious to see what kind of people gather there and whether cooking vegan food can be challenging and as tasty as cooking “conventional food”. Furthermore, trying a new recipe different to... Continue Reading →

Let’s Eat Vietnamese! Hãy làm phở

This week’s topic was Vietnamese Food. As soon as I entered Ungdomens Hus I found myself in a cosy atmosphere surrounded by many smiles. With cooking skills which basically go from simple Pasta to simple Pasta I was curious about new recipes but also a bit nervous...

Let’s eat Mexican Vol. 2!

Two sundays ago, I went along to my first Let’s Eat Veggies cooking workshop, where we explored the culinary delights of Mexican cuisine. As someone who loves and appreciates Mexican food, but has never really ventured beyond the realm of tacos and burritos, it was wonderful to be able to explore a diverse range of Mexican recipes with a vegan twist...

Let’s eat Indian Vol. 2!

On Sunday afternoon for the first time I got to attend a workshop of a group of students whom are trying to work against the climate changing. We came together to cook vegetable food and eat it together. Sunday was to cook some Indian food by Praj, a young student from India. Everyone who came... Continue Reading →

Sushi reloaded!

I have been going to “Let’s eat veggies” workshops over and over again and not just to learn how to cook healthier or incorporate more vegan alternatives into my diet. It’s such a warm, welcoming and genuine environment. This Sunday we were making sushi and sushi sounds like the opposite of veganism, right? Click here to check out how we made it vegan!

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