Let’s make American Burgers!

The impossible was made possible during the last workshop of Let’s Eat Veggies Uppsala, when curious people from all over the world met and gave vegan burgers a chance. Well, the result was something no one was expecting...


Let’s cook Thai food / อาหารไทย

We cannot deny it anymore. It is winter! Snow is piling up outside, and the temperature is going into the double digits below zero. What better to way to escape this than dream of a warm beach in Thailand with some amazing food at hand. And amazing the food was! Some good spicy curry to warm your heart, a larb salad for the proteins and of course no other Thai dessert possible than mango sticky rice.

Let’s eat Turkish food!

When I found out that Let’s Eat Veggies Uppsala was going to organize a workshop on Turkish food I already felt my stomach growling, and the feeling simply kept growing as we were chopping, baking and frying and the different aromas started mixing in the cozy and cheerful kitchen...

Let’s eat Sushi!

To finish off the cooking workshops for this semester we once again gathered at Ungdomens Hus, and this time it was sushi on the menu...

Ethiopian Food

For me it was the first time to join a workshop with Let’s eat veggies and we made Ethiopian food! I loved the opportunity to try out food from a cuisine that I am hardly familiar with, but have a look yourself...

Baking time!

This is probably not something I would have gone to otherwise, but I thought why not spend some time with friends while cooking tasty food and meeting new people. I met some lovely people from all over the world, who were there to cook very nice food for extremely little money and meet new people. I will leave the rest for your imagination...

Vive la France! French cuisine à la vegana

Instead of spending a lazy Sunday evening at home not doing much, we instead had the opportunity to meet amazing people from different nationalities and different backgrounds. The theme of this workshop was French Cuisine, and we cooked a soup, salad with vinaigrette, ratatouille and made french toasts for dessert.

Bella Italia – Italian recipes go vegan

On Sunday it was the time again: The Ungdomenshus opened its doors for the next Let's eat veggies workshop. This time it was all about Italian cuisine. We chose the following dishes: lasagna, because it simply can not be missing in any Italian restaurant, a rosemary fragrant Fartinata bread, crispy bruschetta and, to crown it,... Continue Reading →

Vegan breakfast

It is the day after the Sunday vegan cooking session, and while I am sitting in the kitchen enjoying the breakfast I got to bring with me home yesterday I am thinking back on what a nice day it was. This is a perfect breakfast to prepare the night before for the morning after if you need every minute of sleep you can get or are just too tired in the morning...

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