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Let’s Eat Sushi (again)!

When I arrived at Uppsala as an exchange student, I was amazed by its multiculturalism. One of the best places to feel it was indeed the vegan food workshop at Ungdomens hus! Here you not only get a possibility to cook together with amazing people from all over the world but also visit a new cuisine... Continue Reading →

Let’s Eat Portuguese!

Last Sunday at let's eat veggies, Portuguese food was on the menu !Yet another chance to impress your friends with simple but tasty recipes !Lovely evening In the end, everyone may show up for different reasons : improving your cooking skills, meeting new people... Boredom ? It may be all of the above for me... Continue Reading →

Let’s Eat Mexican!

While the real winter in Sweden has not showed its face yet, I can’t help but start to wonder about spring and summer already. With my head in sunnier and warmer places, this week’s workshop theme totally fit my mood: it was time for Mexican food! The kitchen known for its amazing tacos, which we... Continue Reading →

Let’s Eat Brexit!

Apologies to our dearest author for delaying the publishing of this post for this long! What better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon than to prepare food from an equally rainy place notorious for being bland and unexciting?Doesn't sound like your cup of tea?Well, be ready to be wowed by how flavourful and delicious... Continue Reading →

Let’s Eat Chinese!

I've been to the workshop countless times and it has always been a great experience. This time I had been craving Chinese-inspired food and my prayers were listened with the Chinese theme for the workshop! That's why I was understandably excited about this workshop and I was not disappointed. We made the tastiest crispy tofu... Continue Reading →

Let’s Eat More Italian!

I found this workshop really nice, not only because I have (as well as many people I guess) like Italian food very much, but for it was actually the last time I could be part of it. After almost one semester of full attendance, I was very happy to meet the other participants to enjoy... Continue Reading →

Let’s Eat Scottish food!

How could traditional Scottish, meat filled dishes such as haggis be made vegan? Check out the deliciousness of the dishes we made. Once again, really anything can be made into a tasty vegan dish!

Let’s Eat Persian!

Mainly driven by curiosity I decided to join for the first time the ”let’s eat veggies” workshop with Persian food as theme. I was curious to see what kind of people gather there and whether cooking vegan food can be challenging and as tasty as cooking “conventional food”. Furthermore, trying a new recipe different to... Continue Reading →

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